Roundtrip Music is a Music publishing Company based in Los Angeles CA, part of Kosmik Music, an independent music label and direct-to-consumer website, based in Chennai, India. Kosmik has, within its repertoire, a wide range of music spanning genres as varied as Carnatic Classical, ancient Sanskrit chants & prayers, Devotional, Spiritual, Meditation, Wellness & Relaxation. Many of our musicians and label partners are yogis, meditators and spiritual teachers & guides. Our objective is to spread access to Indian classical music and associated art forms, inform and entertain one and all in equal measure.

    Music in India is a pathway to the Gods. All the great musical masters saw deity in each raga, composition or swara, worshipping them equally. This tradition has been passed on from teacher to student and from parent to child.

    This belief has led to a focussed approach in bringing Indian musical heritage to the public, and since the turn of the century, Kosmik has been one of the prime labels of promoting Carnatic classical music, while broadening and deepening its catalogue in the devotional, spiritual, and meditation genres too.

    Many renowned artists have worked with Kosmik Music, including Aruna Sairam, Bombay Jayashri, Pt. Ronu Majumdar, OS Arun, Sanjay Subrahmanian, Vijay Siva, P Unnikrishnan, Nithyasree Mahadevan, U Srinivas, Kadri Gopalnath, Rajesh Vaidhya and Sudha Ragunathan.

    Recognising the changing times and demands of music listeners, Kosmik has also continued exploring crossover opportunities. For example, marrying the talents of Bombay Jayashri with Pt. Ronu Majumdar in an album called ‘Windsong’, but also taking traditional chants and mantras and combining it with more western musical styles, as with the highly popular Sacred Chants series, spread over 7 volumes.

    As a repository of some of the best Carnatic music, and to make this music available to the Indian diaspora, Kosmik has launched its website www.kosmikmusic.com, so that Carnatic music lovers the world over can experience the beauty of this art form at the touch of a button via this digital platform




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